Putting a collective crisis at the heart of a collective conscience

Kimberly-Clark x UNICEF

The Challenge

2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet worldwide. We were asked to draw attention to the global sanitation crisis and engage a western audience who have become desensitised to advertising campaigns highlighting developing world issues.

The Response

Through a digital campaign to highlight the Andrex partnership with UNICEF, we sought to emotionally impact our audience by transporting them from the comfort of their own bathroom into the shoes of those in need - literally.

Highlighting the very real dangers and exposure faced by those without a toilet, we wanted this idea to be relevant and relatable.

The film’s impact spread from the UK market to the global regions within Kimberly-Clark, where local markets repurposed the film for their own sanitation brands.

The Work

‘The creative challenge was huge. The central idea, the execution and story-telling all worked perfectly together. Marmalade were a joy to work with, responsive and flexible all the way.’
— Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark

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