Can an advertising campaign really reduce teenage pregnancy?


The Challenge

With alarming rates of teen pregnancies rising throughout the UK, the goal was to deliver measurable attitude and behaviour change amongst 11-18 year olds.


The Response


We created a 6 part teen drama series, launched by a film viral.

Research identified that blood and pain during labour was the number one turn-off for the target demographic of 11-18 year olds. So instead of creating a preachy-style public awareness campaign, we staged a controversial, high-intensity school scenario with a shocking, unexpected pay-off.

The creative - designed to go viral, the strategy - designed to get the film banned on Youtube and to ride a wave of earned media and conversation.

The Work

The Results

  • Over 2 million organic views within 2 weeks, the campaign was initially banned on YouTube before exploding worldwide across news channels, chat shows and press,

  • Over 3 million views of the viral film worldwide, with 250 pieces of earned media reaching over 60 million people globally. An estimated £3.2m of earned media from a total budget of £160k.

  • The campaign reduced teen pregnancy by 24.8% in Leicester alone, the only county where results where being measured (client - NHS Leicester), with commensurate cost savings across the NHS …not to mention changing the lives of those potential teen parents everywhere.

  • Supported by a six-part teen drama series, 3 in 4 people (70%-80%) claimed they would speak to their friends about the content and two thirds (60%-70%) would share with their friends.

  • Winner of the PR Week Awards - Social Media Campaign of the Year and over 25 industry awards

  • The campaign received a 30-second spot shown across all 88 NUS campuses during September

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