Could a ‘digital hangover’ encourage drinkers to rethink?


The Challenge

Our task was to challenge young adults to rethink their drinking in a relatable and impactful way.

But how do you connect with a resistant audience? A question we asked ourselves when Diageo commissioned us to deliver a new Pan-European campaign to tackle excessive alcohol consumption in young people.


The Response


Rather than take the obvious shock tactic approach, we undertook research revealing that, whilst this demographic are unresponsive to being preached at, what our young audience do actually care about is the image they project on social media and social shaming.

We responded with a humorous social media campaign built around the concept of a ‘digital hangover’. The narratives are playful but the message is clear: You might not remember your embarrassing actions and staggering around at night, but your peers will. 

The Work

The Results

  • The campaign was localised / launched across several European countries and achieved 1 million views within a month.

  • It became Campaign’s ‘Ad of the Day’ and was retweeted by the NHS. 

  • Evaluation showed that 3 in 4 people (70%-80%) claimed they would speak to their friends about the content and two thirds (60%-70%) would share with their friends.

  • The NUS gave it national coverage with a 30-second spot shown across all 88 campuses in September.

  • It became Diageo’s best performing social media campaign for Western Europe, receiving global coverage and a total PR reach of 286,318,521.

We worked with Marmalade on a new innovative campaign run on You Tube in five countries across Europe targeting young adults.  Marmalade came at the project with some really interesting ideas that challenged us to try a new approach to what we have done before by using humour to share a serious topic.  The outcome was engaging, disruptive content that had well over a million views in under a month that we ran the campaign.  Their energy and support was second to none.
— Natasha Plowman, Head of corporate relations

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