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In conversation with... Liz Unna

With the 21st April being Creativity and Innovation Day we spoke to Liz Unna, an award winning commercials and documentary director about her creative practice and processes and how she uses her creativity to tackle pressing societal issues.

Take a look at our interview with Liz below...

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In conversation with... Chris de Bode

Chris de Bode is a documentary and portrait photographer. He became interested in photography during his previous career as a professional climbing instructor. Following a trip to Palestine he decided to focus his work on humanitarian issues.

We speak to Chris about his photo Series 'I have a dream' which documents children's dreams worldwide and discuss with him the stories he has covered that have had a profound effect on him and the way he lives his life.

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In conversation with… Francesca Brown

‘I believe every disadvantage is an opportunity to create an advantage…’ so says Francesca Brown who founded the female football development programme Goals4Girls. The barriers she faced whilst being the only female footballer in her school led her to found the organisation, which empowers young women to increase their self-esteem and confidence through sports and education.

Francesca tells us about why she believes there has been a significant shift regarding the taboos around women in business and sport and why the advice her Grandmother gave her inspires her to never give up.

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In conversation with… Lynne Parker

The Funny Women Awards has been a launch pad for many talented comedians, writers and short filmmakers, putting applicants in front of the right people to accelerate their comedy career. Lynne Parker is the founder of the awards and Funny Women, a company which aims to help women find their voice through performing, writing and using humour in business and everyday life.

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In conversation with… Anne-Marie Imafidon

Anne-Marie is the founder of The Stemettes, an award winning social enterprise that work across the UK & Ireland to support & encourage young women to choose science, technology, engineering and maths (collectively known as STEM) as careers.

Anne Marie tells us why Dame Stephanie Shirley is her role model and why she's hoping for a real digital revolution in our educational system and in the adult learning space.

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In conversation with... Helen Walbey

Helen Walbey is the founder of Recycle Scooters and the only woman in Wales to own a motorcycle salvage company. She is also the National Policy Chair for Health & Diversity at Federation for Small Business's and the Chair of Welsh Government Panel for Women’s Enterprise.

Helen tells us about the difficulties of being a female in the male dominated industry she works within and how networking has opened her eyes to the power of a supportive network of other women.

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In conversation with... Alex Rotas

Alex Rotas is a woman on a mission to fight ageism and ageist attitudes with her inspiring work photographing athletes in their 60s, 70s, right up to their 80s and 90s.

Through her work, Alex wants to remind us that becoming older doesn’t have to equate to frailty and ill-health (though the media may lead you to believe otherwise) – there are plenty of ‘lifey’ older people around who lead vibrant, joyful and active lives & hopes that her inspiring photography will force us to rethink our attitudes to ageing.

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Charities: A question of trust

For the International Day of Charity, Marmalade spoke with Vicky Browning, Director of CharityComms, to find out more about the relationship between the public and charities, and how digital content & partnerships with creative agencies could potentially become a significant factor in helping to address negative public sentiment.

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