Brand Spotlight: Aveda


Did you know that water pollution kills around 10,000 people across the globe every day? This equates to 3.6 million people every year.

With over 18 billion pounds of garbage being dumped into our oceans every year, and many of the clean water sources we rely on now under severe pressure, urgent change is needed. To date, major brands have been a part of the problem, but there appears to be change in the air and major brands are now emerging as a part of the solution.

April 22nd marks Earth Day, but for cosmetics company Aveda, a day isn’t enough. The brand have set aside the entire month of April to celebrate Aveda Earth Month and raise funds to protect our planet and the many people who call it home. Aveda, who have been a quiet yet important champion for clean, sustainable water, have raised over $50 million to support organisations directly affecting environmental change, since taking up the cause almost 20 years ago in 1999.

Throughout Earth Month, Aveda donate 100% of the purchase price of their limited-edition Light the Way candles to the Global Green grants Fund for water-related projects in 85 countries. To date, the sale of this signature candle has generated enough funds to help 920,000 people with water-related projects and this is just one of the many ways the Aveda team are delivering real change.

Yet, it is perhaps the more collaborative, creative ways that Aveda are raising awareness and funds for clean water that have impressed us most. Take Aveda’s Catwalk for Water shows that offer unique experiences with fashion ranges designed from upcycled and repurposed materials. Or the Appointments for Clean Water events that see thousands of Aveda Artists donate their time and talents to salons worldwide (that also give 100% of proceeds to the cause). Aveda are collaborating with artists, brands and NGOs in creative ways to make a real difference.

Our team have long championed the necessity of bringing organisations together to create a real impact and Aveda’s successes to date perfectly illustrate what is possible when we collectively confront the most pressing challenges of our time. Their partnership with the Global Greengrants Fund alone has helped fund over 1,500 grants across 84 countries since 2007 and we hope it will soon represent just one of many more collaborations inspired by the need to protect our most important resource.

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