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Teenage Kicks


Teenage Kicks
Rocket Science/NHS and government

The teenage pregnancy campaign directed by Marmalade’s Claire Eades was multi-award-winning. It was one of the most successful social media campaigns produced for the NHS and government. The viral generated over 2 million hits within the first two weeks of launch and reaching over 60 million people both at home and globally.

The Teenage Kicks pregnancy campaign consisted of a shocking viral film and gritty six-part “Skins” style drama series. It was featured in press and on TV globally and initially banned on YouTube due to its shocking nature.

The campaign was featured in Creative Review, and won numerous industry awards including social media campaign of the year at the PR Week awards.

Statistics published showed a 24.8% drop in teenage pregnancy in the Leicester area. In order to repay the total cost of the campaign just two Leicester teenagers would need to be influenced not to become teenage parents.